What are the actual Covid regulations?


The access to the festival site is done through Covid Safe Tickets. If you don’t have a Covid Safe Ticket in your possession, you will be able to perform a Rapid Antigen Test in our test centre. If you refuse to get tested you will not be granted access to the festival site.

Once you are inside the festival ground there will be no restrictions of movement, obligatory face masks or other measures.

The camping ground is according to the protocol that is used in bars and restaurants. Meaning you will have to wear a face mask when moving around the grounds. When you are seated at your tent a face mask is not necessary.

What are the COVID rules on the campsite?


The camping ground’s COVID rules are according to the protocol that is used in bars and restaurants. This means you will have to wear a face mask when moving around the grounds. When you are seated at your tent a face mask is not necessary.

Do I need to get myself tested before the festival?


It is possible to enter the festival with a valid PCR-test. But we advise people who will not have a Covid Safe Ticket to do a test at the festival. A test costs 2,5 EUR and can be bought at the festival or in our webshop.You will need to be tested both days of the festival.

Do I need a rapid antigen test?


You won’t have to do a Rapid Antigen Test if you have a valid Covid-Safe ticket. In doubt whether you have a Covid-Safe ticket? Check

Will there be a test centre at the festival?


Yes, the adress is Boekweitbaan 34 Kasterlee.

What are the opening hours of the test centre?


Test centre opens on friday at 16:00 until 00:00, saturday at 10:00 until 00:00

What if I test positive?


You will be asked to leave the festival site and quarantine as safely as possible. Exceptionally you will be able to ask for a voucher or a refund.

How to obtain my covid certificate/CovidSafeTicket?


All information about the Covid Safe Ticket can be found on

What if my CovidSafeTicket seems to be invalid?


If your Covid Safe-ticket is invalid you will have the option to get a rapid antigen test in our test centre. This test will cost 2,5 EUR.

I don't have/lost my original ID, driving license or passport with me.


Get your shit together! Unfortunately, we can not grant you access to the festival site in this case.

I lost my CovidSafeTicket/phone and don't have a copy to rescan on the second festival day.


You can take a Rapid Antigen Test at the festival site with a valid e-ID, drivers license or passport.

What about my privacy?


When scanning your Covid Safe Ticket at the event, no health information will be shared with the organisation or safety crew. They only get to see your name, birth date and whether or not your Covid Safe Ticket is valid.

Foreign visitor?


International visitors can provide their European Digital Covid Certificate OR in case this is not providable undergo a daily rapid antigen test onsite (for sale for 2,50 euro each in our ticketshop or at the festival site).


When will Booty Rave Festival take place?


The nineth edition of Booty Rave Festival will take place on Friday the 3th and Saturday the 4th of September 2021 in the Otterschalen in Kasterlee.

What are opening hours of the festival?


The camping site opens friday at 16:00

Festivalsite opens on friday at 20:00 until 03:00, saturday at 14:00 until 03:00

What is Booty Rave Festival?


Booty Rave is a two-day festival in a location like no other. An idyllic scene, hidden between green forests and picturesque meadows. The ambitious goal of the organisation: to transform this place into an inspiring oasis of musical solidarity every year. Booty Rave Festival offers a varied and broad repertoire of new talents and fixed acts, both from Belgium and abroad. In addition to a strong musical line-up and a well-thought-out look and feel, Booty Rave has an extra asset: our well-known 'Drinks Included concept'. The perfect formula to conclude your festival summer.

Is Booty Rave Festival for young and old?


Entry to Booty Rave Festival is possible to those who are 16 years old and above.

Is it possible that I will be photographed or filmed at Booty Rave?


Photographers and camera crews will be present at Booty Rave. You may be photographed or filmed.

Who organises Booty Rave Festival?


Booty Rave Festival is organised by the non-profit organisation Strauwntsound VZW.

Where can I find my lost mobile phone / wallet?


During the opening hours of the festival you can go to the cash desk on the site. On Sunday there is a lost and found stand at the campsite. After the festival the found objects will be kept for a week, to reclaim them please e-mail to After a week, the most valuable items will be handed over to police Kasterlee.

Disrespectful behaviour?


Booty Rave welcomes everyone regardless of gender, language, political persuasion, racial or ethnic origin, religion or ideology, handicap or impairment, age or sexual orientation. We reject any form of physical or verbal abuse, harassment or disrespectful behaviour.

To what extent is the festival accessible to people with disabilities?


Booty Rave is committed to people with disabilities, the festival is fully accessible and separate sanitary facilities are foreseen.

Please note, because of the wooded area in which Booty Rave takes place, there are some unpaved roads (sand/grass/forest floor) that can be more difficult to access. Do not hesitate to address a steward or festival employee if there are any problems or concerns, together we will work something out.

Food & Drinks



There are food stands present on both the festival site and campsite. On the campsite you pay with cash. On the festival site you pay with food tokens which you can purchase on the premises or online beforehand if you want to skip possible waiting lines.



On the festival site you do not pay anything for your drinks, which are included in your festival ticket. There will also be a drinks stand at the campsite, but here you must pay with cash.

Can you take your own drink on to the festival site?


Own drinks are allowed on the festival site if it is not in a glass container.


Can I stay overnight with my own tent?


Yes of course! Our campsite is within walking distance of the festival site and has toilets, running water and showers. Our camping crew provides an ‘anti-hangover’ breakfast and fresh coffee. You can pay for the breakfast with cash.

Can I sleep in the forest?


Unfortunately not! We provide a cosy campsite and all the necessary utilities, surrounded by a wooded area. Much better than camping in a forest! Camping is also included in the ticket price.

Do I have access to the campsite with a one-day ticket?


Sure! Access to the campsite is included in all tickets.

Is there a storage facility on the campsite?


No, there are no storage facilities on the campsite. Do not bring expensive items or items that need to be kept in storage. Speakers and/or sound systems should also be left at home.

Can I stay overnight with my mobile home or caravan?


Unfortunately we do not have the facilities for mobile homes or caravans.

How long can I stay on the campsite?


The camping closes at 12 noon (midday) on Sunday 5th September 2021.




Free parking is provided in the vicinity of the festival. A kiss & ride zone is also provided close to the festival site.

  • From Antwerpen & Eindhoven: E34, exit 24 Turnhout centrum (Follow the signs to Kasterlee/Geel). Once you have arrived in Kasterlee, follow the signposting towards the festival
  • From Hasselt: E313, exit 23 Geel West (Follow the signs to Kasterlee/Turnhout). Once you have arrived in Kasterlee, follow the signposting towards the festival.

Public transport?


If you come by train, you can get off in Herentals, Geel or Turnhout. From the station, take a bus to the centre of Kasterlee and get off at the Pellemanstraat bus stop. Follow the signposting towards the festival from there.

  • From Herentals: 305 towards Turnhout
  • From Geel:490 or 492 towards Turnhout
  • From Turnhout: 305 towards Leuven/Herentals or 490 & 492 towards Aarschot



There is a bicycle parking zone at the festival site. Once you have arrived in Kasterlee, follow the signposting towards the festival.


Is first aid present during the night on the campsite?


There is a first aid stand present 24/7. This can be found in the small building on the campsite. Our stewards and security will be happy to guide you in the right direction.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Will you take care of my ears?


At Booty Rave Festival we adhere to the statutory noise standards. Nevertheless, we always recommend that you always wear ear protection. We also offer free earplugs on the festival site.

What are the risks of entering the backstage without authorization?


If applicable, the festival band will be cut and removed, and further access from the festival site will be denied. If damage or theft is detected, the authorities will be notified.

Can I distribute flyers?


Out of respect for the environment, distributing flyers is not allowed on the festival site.

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